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A Bit of Backstory

As a dancer

Kyle discovered Pilates as a dancer during recovery from an ankle injury, and was hooked! In Kyle's mind there is no better exercise system for the simultaneous building of strength and flexibility; and as a movement practitioner Kyle uses Pilates to achieve of her physical goals.

As a teacher

Kyle is dedicated to empowering each of her students to move mindfully and intelligently within their practice. This emphasis on mindfulness through movement comes from Kyle's belief in the cultivation of functional movement training for each of her clients. Throughout the evolution of each students Pilates practice Kyle believes in the potential and capacity for change.

As a graduate

As a graduate of Polestar Pilates, Kyle participated in the first ever evidence-based comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program, at Rutgers University. After completing her training Kyle traveled to Miami to complete her internship with Polestar's Coordinator, Shelly Power.


Kyle teaches workshops, privates, and group classes throughout NYC. A senior instrcutor for Equinox Kyle works in the Pilates studio teaching privates and duets. As a Lead Teacher Trainer for The Equinox Pilates Institute Kyle leads training weekends and works under the direction of Carrie Macy Samper.

Client Testimonials

"Not being a person who likes exercising (but have always done so to be healthy), I have come to love my weekly Pilates sessions with Kyle, with whom I have been working for about eight months now. It is challenging, interesting, highly varied and fun, and I have found Kyle to be extremely knowledgeable about anatomy, kinesiology, musculature, etc., with Kyle fully understanding how to "customize" the sessions to the individual. More importantly, given that I had "lost" about an inch in height due to several vertebral compression fractures resulting from multiple myeloma (I've been in remission for nearly two years now), Pilates with Kyle has led to definite improvements in my posture. Moreover, I have become more strong and toned as well as have made gains in flexibility and coordination, and find that weight-bearing Pilates exercises to be good for stiff joints and to slow down the aging process. I like to claim that I am Kyle's "star" pupil--and am as good-looking as ever! I'll add that Kyle always has a smile on her face and has lovely manners, and her positive attitude is highly appreciated." — Denise Knight ( client of 4 years)

"Kyle has changed my life! When I first came to Pilates 1-year ago I was broken. My spine was a mess and I was in constant pain from a disc herniation, which was the result of poor lifestyle choices and posture. Learning how to activate my abdominals and use my musculature to support my posture over time has made a world of difference. Not only am I pain free but I am also now able to safely participate in exercises classes and other forms of fitness without hurting my back! Thank you!" — Adrien T. (client of 2 years)