Arrow Dynamic Females (June 2015)

Artist: Granular

Arranged with: Kyle Georgina Marsh


Now We Can Fly (2019)

Event: Mark Laubenheimer Photography

Directed & Edited: Mark Laubenheimer

Choreographer & Mover: Kyle Georgina Marsh

Music: Palimpsest (edit) by Simeon Ten Holt

A Brooklyn improv session that resulted in discussions about refelction, manifestation, meeting your true self, and unconditional love.

Seven Silhouettes (2015)

Event: Triskelion Dance Film Lab Festival

Produced & Directed: Ann Lupo

Choreography & Performance: Kyle Georgina Marsh

Music: Alt J

Special Thanks: The Opera House Lofts

Using the book “Goddesses in Everywoman” by Jean Shinoda Bolen as the basis for choreographic inspiration this short film follows one dancer through seven different environments and embodiments of goddesses: Artemis, Athena, Hestia, Hera, Demeter, Persephone, and Aphrodite. The Brooklyn basement setting of this film aims to capture a rough modern aesthetic that lends itself to the abstraction of the dancer and directors original concepts. Playing with perspective in an examination of the female form this film may be interpreted both literally and metaphorically as an outline of modern day femininity.


Finding Home (2004)

Produced & Directed: Nicholas Andre

Working in collaboration with Mason Gross School of the Arts film student Nicholas Andre, Kyle recounts her evolving experience with the art of dance through a personal account of her relationship with her mother.