Equinox Pilates Institute: Module 1 (Mat Certificate Couse) at Pure Yoga East

WEEKENED 1: Friday, Nov 1st - Sunday, Nov 3rd (2019)

WEEKEND 2: Friday, Nov 9th - Sunday, Nov 10th (2019)

Equinox Pilates Institute: Module 3.2 (Intermediate System)

Friday, Dec 13th - Sunday, Dec 15th (2019)

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Equinox Pilates Training Institute: Module 3.1 (Intermediate System)

Friday, May 17th - Sunday, May 19th (2019)

Equinox Pilates Training Institute: Moduel 5 (Voice & Business)

Saturday, February 23rd & Sunday, February 24th (2019)

Length & Strength: A Yoga and Pilates Workshop

Utilizing Pilates as a lens to enhance your yoga practice, this workshop will look at two systems designed to balance both the body and mind to promote health and well-being. Facilitating the pursuit of sthira (steadiness) and sukha (ease), we will use Pilates to develop firmness in the muscles and yoga to create space necessary to mobilize. Through various tasks and sequences intended to support your personal movement practice, this workshop will leave your body feeling strengthened and lengthened.