Deconstructing Venus: A Moving Female Portrait

Performers: Iris Platt, Nell Pattee McCarty & Shelley White

Music: Jonathan Granoff

Photography: Elisa Gutierrez & Eric Bandiero

Throughout history, flowers and plants have been used as symbols to define the female body, femininity, and fertility. Reexamining the female form and its relationship to nature by contextualizing this idolization “Deconstructing Venus” creates a viscerally responsive, moving portrait of “womanhood” by utilizing a dance vocabulary developed from written texts and poems about the gender and sexuality of plant life; romanticizing and abstracting the female body in all of its flowering beauty.

Jail Bait Paradise

Performers: Kyle Georgina Marsh & Iris Platt

Sound: Johann Pachabel

Photography: Peter Richter

Two young women sit perched in waiting, are they friends or are they foes? It is sometimes hard to know. Exposing the occasionally competitive and violent nature of women as they seek validation in climbing the social ladder. Jail Bait Paradise, is dark and humorous.

Sand Man Studies (I–VII)

Performers: Kyle Georgina Marsh & Carlo Antonio Villanueva

Sound Installation: Jonathan Granoff

Live Art Installation: Myssi Robinson

Photography: Sylvana Tapia

Investigating the relationship between space, sound, and the moving body Sand Man Studies (I–VII) looks at the choreographic interplay of chance, duration, and documentation. Derived from improvisational scores and developed in response to sound artist Jonathan Granoff’s original set, music and movement are mixed live in real time as they respond to one another. Visual artist Myssi Robinson’s presence onstage as serves as a witness and physical record of the interplay between space, sound, and the dance.

Development of this work was made possible by Rutgers University 2015 Alumni Concert Series and summer residency program.

Arrow Dynamic Females

Performers: Monica Gonzalez, Iris Platt, Morgan Refakis & Shelley White

Sound: Jonathan Granoff

Text: Berke Gold

Photography: Laura DiMeo & Carlo Antonio Villanueva

Inspired By Surrealist Artist Claude Cahun And Confused About The Role And Identity Of Modern Women In Society, Arrow Dynamic Females Challenges The Traditional Constructs Of Femininity And Feminine Identity Through The Use Of Surrealist Imagery, Text, And Gesture. Created For Four Dancers And Premiered At The New Jersey Performing Arts Center This Piece Is The Culmination And Final Embodiment Of Ideas Investigated And Developed Through The Creation Of Previous Works Arrow Dynamic — Phase I & Arrow Dynamic — Phase II.

Development Of This Work Was Made Possible By Dance New Jersey & The New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

Arrow Dynamic — Phase I

Performers: Caitlyn Barrows, Iris Platt & Shelley White

Sound: Adrian Klumpes, Jody Redhage, LIPS & Kyle Georgina Marsh

Industrial and stark Arrow Dynamic - Phase I, embodies the objectification of women’s bodies through a surrealist lens. Inspired by the writings of French surrealist artists Claude Cahun, and comments made by artist Salvador Dali 3 women move together in militaristic fashion as their body parts are unemotionally exposed and revealed.

Arrow Dynamic — Phase II

Performers: Iris Platt & Shelley White

Sound: Jonathan Granoff

Text: Berke Gold

Photography: Andrew Ribner

Created as the second iteration of Arrow Dynamic — Phase I this duet between two women challenges the concept of “masculine females” and what it means to be a woman in a man’s world asking the viewer to reconsider any preconceived notions that he or she may have in regards to traditional concepts surrounding gender, gender roles, and gender identity.

The Unbidden Occasion

Performers: Hayden Katz, Kyle Georgina Marsh & Iris Platt

Text: SAKI

Photography: Peter Richter

A trio of sorts, two female bodies are directed through space by the vocal cues of their male counterpart who sits perched as an observer eating apples and reading aloud about the challenges of “competitive” gardening. Using fruit as a metaphor for female forms that are objectification by the male gaze, both women struggle to follow instructions and eventually fall to eating the fruit themselve. “Eden-esk” in it’s construction The Unbidden Occasion, hints at ideas surrounding the traditional telling of Adam and Eve’s failure to resist the forbidden fruit.

Development of this work was made possible by coLAB Arts Collective and Lustig Dance Theater’ Works & Process, Motion: New Dance Work residency.

Renewal (Spring 2013) — Group Work for 5

Performers: Rebecca Cooney, Tenacia Milan, Jennifer Payan, Kiana Rosa & Miranda Yount

Photography: Mason Gross School of the Arts

Rinse (December 2012) — Solo

Performers: Kyle Georgina Marsh

Original Music Composition: Chris White III

Photography: John Evans

When you step into my bucket... (December 2012) — Duet

Collaborative Choreography & Performance: Kyle Georgina Marsh & Robert Foerster

Original Music Composition: Martha Sullivan

Photography: Carlo Antonio Villanueva

Masculina (September 2012) — Duet

Performers: Carlo Antonio Villanueva & Robert Foerster

BEE_PRESS_AUNT (May 2012) — Quartet

Performers: Liane Bruns, Michaela Burns, Elena Hollenhorst & Iris Platt

Original Music Composition: Boaz Dortt

Photography: Bruno Charbit